Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Worst Ford Dealership

I'm fuming mad. We took the truck into the dealership today in Parry Sound. They only have one. They are so inept. The times they quote to get anything done is so beyond anything I have ever experienced. We took the truck in a 1pm and got it back around 3:30pm. Just to check the brakes, and do a oil change. Oh they where suppose to do a tune-up but they said it didn't need one. Weird to me because in the service schedule it says it needs one. What ever it is the squeals still squeals and they where suppose to take care of that and didn't. I thought the economy was in a recession and this dealership will let your vechile go to shit before they catch it. It has to jump out and bite them on the ass. I seen the parts manager barely able to operate a computer. J has been doing business with this dealership for 35 years and doesn't know what has happened. A oil change cost 80.00 in the states the same service cost around 24.00. If it where my truck I would never subject it to the local rubes that operate the place. They do shitty work and won't even do the work you order on it. I could say many mean things about the staff but I will refrain and stick to the subject of how fucked up the service and repairs are. I'm really pissed they didn't fix what needed to be fixed and wasted my time. I have tons of shit to do and not staying in the horrid town doing shit like looking at what they claim to be local art and trolling the local book store that has nothing in it except a small section of books and Canadian artist. I can get the same books on-line for half the price and a better selection. It amazes me that any of the shops stay in business as I won't pay the high prices for tourist crap and shitty service. I shop out of town and order off the net. I won't give my money to many local business because they are so crappy when it comes to product and service. I could go on and on but it only makes me rant more.
If J keeps taking the truck there she will have to do it herself and I will loose all respect for her. As, they take advantage and don't deserve her patronage.

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