Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Beat Goes On

I woke up about an hour ago and I have been checking different social media and catching up on blogs. It has been a whirlwind past couple of days and I'm tired. We have been out of town taking care of J's elderly parents. J's parents are 90. J's mother has Senile Dementia and her father has a hard time getting around. They need to be in a nursing home but won't go. I voice my concerns to J and bite my tongue in front of my in-laws. We took H the mother to get her hair done since it hasn't been done in months and she looked like a homeless person. She ended up in a panic attack at first and didn't want to go. After, we loaded her in the truck she stopped and went calmly and got her hair done. We also did all their shopping and misc around the house. For three days we where consumed by them except at night. The motel had a bar and we went there every night having three drinks until the last night. I was at my wits end and just got roaring drunk. I haven't been drunk in awhile. It made the 5 hour drive home horrible. The drinking has made my mood dull. I really need to come up with something else than drinking when we have to go to Cambridge. One good thing is I haven't much thought about my life in the past couple of days.

I have so much to do before it snows or hits November. I'm still in the process of winterizing. When the sun is up it is helpful with my mood but it is predicted to rain all next week which is going to be interesting. October is an interesting month for my mood as it is changing like the colours on the trees and blowing all over the place like the wind that cleans the tree's to a barren state. I'm hoping my mood won't bottom out next month. With the grey bare ground and bare trees where it looks like death . My mood gets flat and dead also. It is nice to know what my mood is going to do but it is also sad to know also that I will be so flat . I will try different things but it won't help that much.


  1. i just lost a really long -- and if i might add quite awesome post! do i remember it? you know i do not. i'm sorry you missed it. "))
    long story short? the beat does go on. don't predict the outcome.. especially if it is to be a negative one. get your sun-lamp-- then lemmee know if it's worth me investing in one. yes, do do different and new things... and i am considering the same -- as opposed to hibernating-- like i have for the last 20 some odd years. (in the winter). we should keep in touch-- email etc.. keep our sense of humors goin, nothing will change-- if we don't change something. ya with me? chin up pal... take advantage of that dock out there-- try your luck at fishin-- i bet there's walley in that water-- best tastin fish ever!! they have teeth tho! man i miss walleye fishin. ok-- i'm jealous-- i will go now.

  2. It is getting so cold here. It is suppose to flurry today. I'm thinking about ice fishing this year. A great thing about ice fishing is no casting witch I suck at. We really need to keep in touch.

  3. i went ice fishing ONE time-- aside from freezing to near death-- i was blamed - at 14 years old -- for my at the time 1 year old nephew falling into the waters edge!!! i was the only one fishing!!! where was his mother? gran gran? i don't even know -- but it -- everything was always my fault.
    never went ice fishing again... mainly cuz i hate cold-- you know that. i wasn't traumatized-- the kid was and is just fine-- he just got wet and scared-- obviously cold... why do i do this--
    shut my mouth would ya -- i sound just like a japanese radio!

    happy weekend --
    DO go ice fishin-- if you can take the cold -- you gotta tell me if you catch walleye-- google it if ya don't know what they look like-- OMG they are yummy-- fried. again.. jealous-- goin now.