Tuesday, October 5, 2010

House Cleaning Fairy

I need a house cleaning fairy. I have a ton of crap to do before winter. I don't have much time as winter will be knocking at the door very soon. I have a way of doing what I want than what needs to be actually done. Yesterday, I bought more tulips since the ones I planted last year came out so good. Some of the tulips and bulbs I bought are Canadian Liberators, Lover's Blend tulips, Muscari, Dark Eyes, Crocous, and more daffodils. The lover's blend is a colour blend of purples and pinks with white in them. They look so pretty. The Canadian Liberators are red and I have a story from last year about them in this blog around the same time last year. Flowers are something simple that make me happy. Yesterday, when I mowed and groomed the area where I would be planting them. I found out I couldn't find my little shovel. I looked everywhere. I gave up and will just buy another one today. I usually put my stuff up. I have been so scattered lately it could be right in front of me and bite me in the ass . I have not been grounded at all and it feels like my head isn't attached. I really need to screw it back on and be a little more grounded to get what I need to around here. I put a little dent in winterizing yesterday. I had a ton of errands to do also. It might have not been the best thing to take a little vacation last week. I have so much to get done and left the house looking like it exploded before we left. I did however finally get everything unpacked and put away. I didn't get around to it for about three days. Mood permeanting I'm generally some what organized. When my mood is a little off, I guessing a little hypo moving into manic. I'm a wreck. I can't connect the dots or remember where I put anything. The concentration isn't there. I work harder at everything I do. Minial task are easy enough to do but I need more complex task done like tackling some of the organzitational problems in this house at the moment.

We are getting another puppy at the end of the month. Her name is Daisy and she is an English Golden Retriever. She is what is pressing me to get things put up. Or she will probaly chew the hell out of them. I have already pulled out the crate to set it up when I get more room in the kitchen . I just have to move some stuff around. I also found out the dog gate is a mess and will need to be rebuilt or I will have to buy something else. I know less stress and order is needed when getting a new puppy and I'm working hard at getting things a little better.


  1. OMG - yesterday i was in dire need of a cleaning fairy -- instead? i became angry at the mess i was lookin at -- put my pain aside - turned into soul-hulk.. and went on a cleaning rampage (rather than a cleaning frenzy). today i suffer immensly for that. i will remain on my couch and not move.. inhale meds,remain quiet ... calm and hope to not do or say anything i may regret.
    can we say 'mental attack'?
    it's good-- i'm ok now-- cept physically. and the house looks pretty good too :))

    good luck with daisy- i bet she's gonna be FUN

  2. ps-- have you ever seen a pic of MY cleaning fairies? ooh la la :)) i can re-post em if ya wana see?

  3. I want to see your cleaning fairies! I'm so pissed at the moment wasting time in town. I'm going to blog about it right now. I really need to get so much done before the other shoe falls off. I need to go hulk like you and just fill like shit the next day.

  4. aha- i never saw this-- i really have to 'step- away - from - the desk!' but if you remind me - on my blog- or fb.. i will re-post the wonderful soul fairies. you will likey. pure beauty. well. ummm. yeh.... they just can't not be. :))