Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Cat Chewed My Power Adapter

I have been on a much needed break. I have been traveling up North in Ontario. It has been so relaxing. The fall colours are wonderful. So many trees with orange, yellow, gold and red. Mixed in with the pines. I have stayed right on the north channel of Lake Huron and discovered the cat chewed my power adapter for my laptop. It wouldn't of been so bad but that was the first night of the trip. Drove a little farther and have no cell phone coverage . It has been a total dead zone for about 150 miles of our trip which is really the core of my trip to some of Lake Superior. Lake Superior is gorgeous this time of year or any time of year for that matter. It is very hilly cliffs and water like an ocean. It is pretty rugged scenerary. It is also very rural with towns very far apart. I was surpised at all the places we have been that has offered wifi in the motels. Most get it through satelitte but the speed is awesome. Even though we have been in a dead zone for cell coverage. I will blog later about the perils of my trip.
Just before I left for the trip my uncle died. It is sad but I have been handling it. My biggest fear was about my daughter and yesterday I found out she doesn't have cancer. I have had like cement blocks lifted off me. It has been a very stressful couple of weeks. The onocologist has ordered more test for other things and what ever it is , I can handle it better than cancer. I have been so much lighter today and in a much more upbeat mood.
I also was able to manage to make my power adapter croak on and charge up my almost died laptop. I might spare the cat some terrible wrath. Life is starting to look up. I can much deal with anything after the last year I have had.


  1. sorry i have been MIA here-- thank God for the good news about your daughter!!! gotta say - i had a physical reaction of relief when i read that part! i can only imagine yours.
    glad you spared the cat :))

  2. Soul, it was a huge relief. I don't know about that crazy cat though. I have such a love and hate relationship with her.

  3. not sure if you've seen it - but i have a new post or two up if ya get some time- :))