Thursday, November 7, 2013

Free Book

Cathy Olliffe-Webster, wrote another book called Friday Girls. The book will be available 

Starting tomorrow, for five days, Friday Girls will be free to download on

The description for this book from amazon is: If Friday wasn't already your favourite day of the week, it will be after you've read Friday Girls. 

Every Thursday night for more than a year, author Cathy Olliffe-Webster sat down in front of her computer and wrote a story for #FridayFlash, an Internet meme that involves some of the finest writers in the world. Stories are written and posted on blogs, where other writers (and fans of their work) can read, enjoy, and comment. It's a friendly, positive atmosphere and it encourages writers to stretch their literary muscles. 

Cathy's stories took on a life of their own and she began to think of them as her "Friday Girls," mainly because they were published on Fridays, but also because they were usually about "girls." 

These are stories that will touch your heart, make you smile, make you cry, make you think. They're just like you, the Friday Girls. They're just like all of us. 


  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Kristy. You really are a sweetheart.

  2. that sounds like a good read -- is a kindle able (or whatever it said -- an ipad? i mean could i read it on an ipad?
    how's things?
    yes - this is the same soul -- kinda obvious - i know -- but yeh , i got my icon thing all messed up -- still trying to fix my google reader thing -- eegads

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  4. let's try to bring back the olden days of our blog fam Kristy. whaddaya say? i opened a new one. the link is on my old page - it updates and everything :))

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    i hope your day is beautiful !
    catch ya latah :))