Monday, November 5, 2012


My mood has been about the same depressed. I stopped the light for about a week because it was making me have more anxiety and I seemed my agitated. I will start it back up but probably with a lower amount of time .Nothing worse for me than to be antsy , unfocused, and depressed

I have just been comfortable doing not much of anything. I really have to push myself to get anything done. I fall back with my escapism of the tv and the computer. It is almost a comfortable numb feeling. I also notice I have a very big appetite. It is awful where usually I can control my hunger. I don't even know if this is hunger or eating out of boredom or it taste good. I tend to have a big appetite depressed especially for carbs. I end up like the good year blimp in the winter. Then take it off all year long and put it back on again. I really need to stop this cycle. It has been going on since I have been living in Canada.

I haven't realized how stressed I have been. My eye twitches all the time anymore. It is so annoying. Mostly the stress has been money issues again. Every month , I'm shocked we have made it through the month. It feels like juggling torches and hoping one doesn't set me on fire. It will get better when we can cash in one of our investments when it matures this winter. That solves it a little but I have been trying to change our spending habits. I have cut and cut and cancelled things that we don't really need. I also been cutting food expenses. I have been cutting this for ages. Finding this blog helps really reduce the money I spend on meat.  A very healthy eating blog. I haven't been excited about a food blog in awhile. This is a great frugal healthy blog. Generally if you get a frugal food blog it isn't healthy.

I have been poor at times in my life and always hated it but it really taught me to stretch a penny when you thought it wouldn't stretch anymore and would scream. My problem with that is I hate living like that and to be honest I like to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I want to spend when I want something. The bad thing is I can always justify it. It has to stop and every month I don't put my foot down on the spending we both do. This year sometime , I took over the fiances because it was to stressful for J. Assuming, I was better at creative budgeting.  It just makes my eye twitch. Some months are better than others depending on what new thing breaks down or situation comes up. It boils down really to the point whether or not I can say NO. See most broke or poor people realize when you have no money you don't come up with money to pay for it you just do without. J never has been broke. So it is hard for me to say NO. So, I borrow more money from a relative. Or J borrows from her parents. They get paid back when we get paid. J's parents get paid back when the investment reaches maturity. We have money but it is tied up. I could of died last month borrowing from my mother. She didn't like it either. I paid it back in two weeks. I haven't borrowed money from anyone in years.

All, this money stuff has me stressed to the max and also does my relationship but that is another story. It will work it's self out as it always does.


  1. thanks for linking! i can relate about being broke. being back in school means i'm constantly broke. when i run out i bring out the credit card. mistake!!

  2. You are not alone here. Money matters is more stressful than even health matters. It is, indeed, the root of all evil.

  3. Money issues are so tough and seem to stick around for way too long. Hopefully you will come to a point where at least you feel a sense of pride and relief each time you come up with a way to save.

  4. I hear you and sympathize... everything is going up but our pay cheques!
    I will definitely check out the frugal eating blog and I hope your eye stops twitching soon. (Mine does that too occasionally - drives me bonkers.)

  5. It must be very hard if J isn't understanding what is happening here. In some ways perhaps she does need to see what is coming in and what is going out. Perhaps you taking over has removed her from the reality somewhat. Borrowing is sometimes essential but it zaps your confidence, doesn't it? 'I can't fend for myself' sort of thing. And it never helps when you are wondering what is going to break down next. Doesn't it always come at once, too?

    I try to be frugal and I do really enjoy being that way now. Never used to. But now I value a treat now and again much more than I used to. I love going into shops and adding up all the money I would have spent a couple of years back when I was out of control. And then I walk out the shop with nothing. Sounds weird but I get more of a kick out of that. But then I'm weird. ;)

    Do you still use your SAD lamp? I am sure you said about it last year. Do you find it works?

    Sending hugs, but not from Whitstable as it says up on the right on the traffic feed. Whitstable is about forty minutes away. It's lying. ;) xxx N

  6. I recognized symptoms, from sleepiness to carbs. I'm so sorry to hear that.

    And the pressures around the money; I understand those are so stressful.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  7. Tv & computer are how I get through most days unless I'm feeling manic, which is far too rare, I'm usually depressed. Trying to push myself to do stuff beyond the basics stresses me out and makes my depression worsen.

    My whole life has been a struggle with money. We didn't have much growing up and the one time I was making decent money as an adult (was still with my exhubby & he was making good money too) I still didn't have any money because the ex was always manic and spending it all. Now I'm on disability and get very little money each month, but I'm better at managing that little amount than I ever was when making nearly 5 times the amount I get now.

  8. Tim and I have been battlers all the time we have been toghether and my parents are the same, so I am use to making money stretch and I hate it if I have to ask my parents to borrow money doesn't matter that it is once in a blue moon and then only a few dollars I still hate it.........

    My sisters and brother are forever borrowing money for our parents which annoys me as my parents are old aged pensioners.......

    I now have no money of my own and usually when I want money I have to ask Tim for it and I hate much