Monday, October 22, 2012


Here is a little background so you can understand this post.I went to storage yesterday to deal with my storage of all my stuff from the states. I had it all shipped in 2009. I have picked at it a little here and there but never have dealt with it. For me to deal with it means the lost of my own home and my things. I left all my furniture in the states as we already had furniture. J house is full. To full for my things so I will just keep what matters to me and get rid of the rest.

I have been with J for 10 years and married 8. We had two homes one in the states which was mine . Hers in Canada. We went back and forth for years. Until 2009. I moved completely. It cost to much money to keep two homes every few months.

Anyway, it makes me sad to get rid of the majority of my stuff and also resentful because J hasn't gotten rid of hardly nothing that matters except the junk I delcuttered this year. That needed to go. It has brought up feelings how J hasn't had to give up much with my move and how it really has benefited J more than anyone.

I still after all these years really haven't made friends or have made much of a life for myself. I still miss the states at times but have settled OK in my isolation. It doesn't much help that I don't much care for the people in this town and wished I was in a bigger city but that isn't going to happen. I also have a hell of a time making friends.

I did decide this year I would get out and ski more which is more social.


  1. I understand how you feel, in a way.

    I too left the states for that special someone, and with that came leaving all my beloved possessions. I understand how you feel that it isn't fair. I also get it about not really having friends or your own connections. So just know, you are not entirely alone if feeling that way.

    I would recommend talking to J about it.

    Big hug to you!!

    1. Thanks, I think you know how it feels::)

  2. Packing, moving, sorting. I'm feeling sad even thinking about it.

    Best wishes in the process.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  3. I also understand as it is always my stuff that hubby and my daughters think we should get rid of when they decide to have a clean up/out............and it pisses me off no end..........

  4. i have also moved a lot, from canada to the states, to ireland, then back to canada. some stuff i kept, some i dumped with later regret. some stuff the moving company lost. stuff went into storage when i first got back to toronto, but when i got my own place i closed down the locker and squished it into my apartment.... then i realized it wouldn't all fit and took a bunch to value village. my friend R has my dining room table, and D has my bed in her garage. i sold a bunch of stuff when i left NYC. i had a different attitude to money then... i had a high-powered, well paying job. now i am on disability... i will never afford to replace the stuff i got rid of....

    god, i am rambling. sorry. i just wanted to say i understand. i love my things. but i haven't been able to keep all of them.

    are you far away from toronto? if you come to town for anything, let's meet for coffee...

    1. Actually Im in Parry Sound. I dont come often to Toronto but when I do I will take you up on the coffee.

  5. New to your blog Kristy. I always hated moving. Even being single, I hated it because all the stuff was mine. Thank you for sharing. Glad you are getting out socializing more. Blessings.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I also had a look at your blog and look forward to reading more of it.

  7. I get attached to very few material goods. My wife could toss out 99% of my stuff and I'd probably never notice. She wouldn't do that, she cherishes memories tied to objects and expects that I do as well.

    I wish I could offer advice about meeting people but I'm kind of a hermit. I like solitude most of the time.

    Wow, I spent a lot of words saying nothing at all helpful.

    I really suck at commenting.