Saturday, October 20, 2012


Not long ago we went to see the elderly in-laws. Like always they are ailing and say they are fine and for us to butt out of it. It was a four day visit. We had a late Canadian thanksgiving with them.
That was nice because J's brother came and his wife.

That visit racks my nerves and it is hard for me to get back to normal after that trip. It also is very costly and makes for a short month where I had to borrow money from my mother to get to the end of the month.

My stress level has been climbing and so is my depression. I forgot my lamp so I was 4 days without it. Climbing back to my depression. I have been home for going on a week now and have been using it and it is again kicking me out of my depression and getting me back to living again.

The house looked like a bomb went off and I have been tackling that. Part of that was because I went on strike. To find out it didn't matter whether I went on strike it was all there for me to clean by myself. I can't go on strike any more because it just hurts me.

I have been wanting some projects around the house done for awhile and they never got done so after the exercise bike and treadmill has set there for a year . I'm going to try to tackle it myself . I got all the parts lined up this morning for the bike. Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow. I hate putting things together as I haven't done it very often but enough is enough and I need these machines since it is like monsoon season here with it raining most days for the past two months.

I'm feeling a little better but to feel much better I need to get the house in order how I want it because I can't live in chaos. Little things like J putting 4 tackle boxes in the living room just disturb me and when I ask for them to be picked up it is always an excuse . I just picked them up the other day.


  1. I know what you mean about the depression. I have the perfect cure for it, but I'm too depressed to get up and start it. Seriously, it is a daily battle for me, too. No advice because it wouldn't help anyway. I just understand.

  2. Ooooh i feel your pain... I coulda written this post myself ya know it? But i don't have any advice either. I went on strike too... For a long time... It did absolutely no good. The place just sat here and rotted while my depression and anxiety skyrocket.
    Take care of YOU.
    OOPS.. is that advice? I should stop now. :))
    I really need to get that darn lamo!,, i have said that since you got yours, but i seriously need to look into it... In fact... I'm gonna see if insurance or VAcovers it .. Right now
    Love ya buddy

  3. Yes we go on strike and what happens nothing gets done and we end up with more work to do...........all women know if you want it done right the first time do it never do it right their idea of right is just weird and wrong.......sorry men but it is.........

  4. I get into bouts of deep depression regularly and have gone on strike myself. It is extremely hard for me to do that seeing as I am OCD too. I nut up if a paper towel is left on the dinner table for no reason. So my strikes never last more than maybe 3 days then my OCD kicks into overdrive. But I agree with Jo-Anne...if you want it done right the first time do it yourself....but I have come to realize that each person has a different level of rightness....LOL....male or female.

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