Monday, February 4, 2013

This and That

Wow, how time flies . I really just noticed i haven't blogged in little over a month. The last month and a half has been full of me being sick with the flu and not exciting except maybe me ordering stuff on-line a little to much.

I was sick for about three weeks with the flu. J also had the flu but was way sicker than me. The cats where sick also . Found out the little one was sick with a upper respiratory  infection and gave the older cat that also. He was sick when we got him. His eye is still in a bad state and in the process of still healing . He though has stopped hacking his little butt off and the older one is better. Nothing like dramatic sick cats.They wouldn't eat and we where told to give them anything they could or wanted to eat. I ended up switching the older cat back to dry so she would eat . She lost a couple of pounds and looked like hell. She got what she wanted. The kitten he wanted wet so he got as much wet as he wanted and packed on the pounds. Now they are both happy on dry and not being prima donnas any more .  The vet has been real good about the cost because we got the sick kitten from her. She has only charged us 30 bucks for the two of them and that has only been for meds. She has waived her fee which is generally 70 dollars to see her. Even gave a free shot to the older cat. I think I might have to take the kitten back for her to look at his eye again as it isn't clearing up. His ulcer on his eye is still there. I was suppose to take him in also to get fixed.

I have been so lazy in the past month. Mainly trying to get well again. I have been using the excuse it has been way to cold to go out also and do anything active like my usual winter sports of snow shoeing and cross country skiing . It has been like -21 c or -5 f . Then we have been having what we call January thaws. Where it  melts and causes hell on the snow. The temps get into 7 c to 44 f .  That did that for a week. Some of the temps got all over the place. I don't mind winter. But I do mind the weather being all screwy. One week it is snow and horrible sub temps and one week it is thawing and high temps over and over again. I just want the snow to stick and have regular seasonal temps so I can get out of my cave and do something. I have been threatening to get a life for a month. Don't know when it is going to happen.

I have been spending a little to much lately which is a sign of hypo-mania and mania. I'm being way more careful about it now. Part of me doesn't care. I hate being in a dark depression. Also, just about everything I order we need or I can justify . Especially since I have gained so much weight in December and January. I haven't much worked at me losing weight. I did though stop drinking soda. Getting out of my usual depression a little early helped curb the eating also. I don't feel the need to eat everything sweet and all the carbs in the house. I also replaced all snack food with fruit. I still am working towards wanting to work out again. I think with that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and just exercise. That is a just do it kind of thing and get back into some structure with it. It will also help my chronic pain which has worsened by sitting all the time since my flu. I have got in the bad habit of tv and computer all the time. Good thing I'm getting bored of it.

Lately, I have been bored with many things . It is a good thing though. It will help me get off my ass. Being sick for that time found me in bed watching tv and on the couch. It has also mad me catch up on housework. Talking of the house. Our pipes froze and busted. Our water heater also went out. We thought oh well and just got them fixed. No the universe is picking on me thing this time. Shit happens or I would like to say life happens. It is just expensive when life happens all the time. The good thing about it the water heater was going for awhile and we have such lovely pressure and hot water. It has been such a treat. I even like doing dishes better and I hate dishes.

I have a lot of things to do this week. Mainly, self care things like getting my  teeth cleaned  and massage for my chronic ache. Also, the cat with his eye and getting him fixed. I hope to also maybe be a better blogger also and get back to a routine of posting.


  1. That flu is tough. I had it, too, and it robs you of all your strength and leads to easy depression. Luckily I have a laptop and could blog and Facebook from bed...when I was awake. Glad you are feeling better and welcome back.

  2. I don't know anyone who likes feeling like shit..........hope you are starting to feel more like yourself and less like some sick yucky till those sick puddy cats that is terrible that they were so sick but good that the vet didn't charge you an arm and a leg to get them better.