Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pissed Off

I had a panic attack this morning. I looked at the bank account this morning and the bank didn't put funds into after cashing out an investment that was suppose to mature today. They eventually did and it was chalked down to a misunderstanding.

But before it could be figured out I was sweating , shaking and a million things where going through my mind. Even after it was settled I was trying hard to calm myself. I just tried to stay busy and distract myself and after about 2 hours I was fine. It doesn't help that I'm pmsing.

To top it off J told me she is sick AGAIN. I seriously wonder how many times a person can be stricken with flu like symptoms. I had to change my dental cleaning today at the last minute because I don't drive. J told me to take a taxi but a taxi from where I live would be a little over 55 dollars round trip. It was cheaper to pay the cancellation fee. I'm pissed. I could of been told yesterday. The woman at the dentist office isn't that nice and isn't someone you would want to call. I actually never want to piss her off as she can get her teeth and claws out. I just hope the rest of my appointments this week I won't have to cancel.

I still have to get the cat's eye checked again and him neutered . I also have a massage that my poor lower back and hip need. I'm getting sick of J being sick all the time. J also goes to the doctor all the time anymore . Nothing ever really gets solved either. I say if you are sick as often as J suck it up. If you can't tell I'm pissed off.


  1. Oh Kristy. I'm sorry things are so shitty. I can completely understand your panic and frustrations with J. I should imagine that it often feels you are having to steer the ship all by yourself, and when you yourself are feeling crap, then it's hard to juggle everything. It's about time somebody looked after you for a bit, yes? I wish I was there to help you out. You'll just have to have a big hug from here.

    xxx N

  2. I hate it when you check your bank account and it doesn't have as much money in it as you think it should. Good think it all got sort out