Thursday, December 13, 2012


I was wondering what I was doing last year in December so I checked out my blog. We where remodeling our house. Spent 15 days here last December it was a horrible motel. Take a look. Pink walls will all kinds of sports junk on the walls. I have to say this year is much tamer even if I'm not feeling it.

I really didn't do anything for Christmas last year except unpack the house and get it in order. We had our bathroom gutted and kitchen remodeled . Funny thing the house is a mess right now. I can count on my house being a mess every winter as my mood is crap. I have been gradually cleaning it up again. The snow does help my mood as it makes it brighter. We have been getting snow gradually and for that I'm fortunate.

I haven't been to the store in a week. The last time I went I about threw up. I don't cry so when I get overwhelmed with anxiety I gag and throw up. I feel this is a much better week to go shopping and hopefully I wont get overwhelmed with all the people and forget half of the stuff I went shopping for. I hate wasting gas since I don't live in town . The weather also varies much from where I live to town also. But I have been making smaller trips to avoid the crowds and overwhelming anxiety.

Can't wait to get more snow so I can do some cross country skiing. My ski's are very dusty. I haven't used them in I think 2 winters.

On the last note my cat has been driving me insane. I switched her food to a grain free wet food and she hates it. She meows and tries to break things all the time. She is gradually accepting it. I hope she accepts it before my nerves are shot from all the meowing and getting into things.  


  1. oh i can relate to the overly - meowing cat. mine has taken to waking me at 4 a.m. ... wanting to be fed ... and then wanting second breakfast at 7 a.m. sigh... i love him but he is jumping on my last nerve!

  2. Sorry you are having such a crummy time. Anxiety is new to me, but I've been experiencing some this Christmas. I am not amused!

    Perhaps you could calm your cat my mixing the old and new cat foods, and then keep adding a bit more of the new and taking out a bit more of the old every couple of days.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  3. Anxiety is HORRENDOUS. HORRENDOUS (I'll say it twice because it is so horrendous, it needs saying twice). I am with you here, my friend. Dolly is on a diet except it is not going so well. She is not fat fat, just not slim slim. We'll get there... :/

  4. I also hate anxiety it really sucks and I have suffered from it most of my adult life, if I am faced with going somewhere new I have an attack and also become quite ill and yes have thrown up...

    My oldest daughter doesn't handle crowds so this time of year is not good for her when it comes to shopping.....