Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have been going through a rough spot . It isn't anything new but I'm sick of it and sick of talking about it. Hence , the lack of blog updates. Listen to a bad country song and that has been my life the last couple of years. Actually, probably most of my life has been some tragic song.

I have been starting to come out of my grey area even though there has been so much going on in my life. The sun has finally popped out. The temps have been way above seasonal. I never have wore a pair of shorts in March in Canada. Yesterday it was like around 70 degrees- 18-20 C. It is suppose to go up to 26C this week around 75 degrees. Last weekend we had snow. This week it is almost all gone. It melted so fast my yard is a mud hole. I grilled the other day and i just splashed in mud and had mud all over the place. The lake is still icy but suspect it will go out soon. The bay hardly has any ice except the shore. I'm pretty sure by the end of next week everything should be thawed .

We where coming home from grocery shopping yesterday and I seen a sign of spring. The beavers and geese in a creek doing what they do. It was so majestic to me. I forgot about having to take all the bags in the house. Nothing like geese to tell you winter is over. It still amazes me what a mild winter we have had. The bears should be out anytime also. I don't look forward to that though. Especially, since the dogs tore up trash all over the yard and I'm still picking it up. They made such a mess. My back doesn't bend like it should and my shoulders still hurt and flair up every time I over do myself. I have been doing a lot of stretching everyday to have my hurt just hurt moderately. I really think when my grayness goes out the window to what ever mood is in store for me which generally is mania this time of year . I have a lot of DVDs on Yoga. I need movement.

I haven't moved off the couch most of the winter. I see spring and think oh I'm going to be active again. I have gained weigh and it is time to take it off. It is time to shed everything and slowly getting back to me.


  1. Beavers and geese and bears?! Wow! I have a bumble bee and a starling right now. Still, all beautiful, isn't it?

    I have been thinking about yoga a lot recently. Thinking is as far as I have got. :-/

    I love that last sentence. It will carry me through the day.

    Much love, Kristy,

    P :-) xxx

  2. The geese are back on the river here. And very talkative first thing in the morning. Haven't seen any beavers yet, though they are around. I'm the only Bear in town (except for the ones in the zoo).

    I hope things pick up for you, now that spring has arrived. I've been through a bad time myself; that always happens in the spring. But now I'm doing better.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Kristy.

  3. Spring is lovely. Pixie, we have so much wildlife it is unreal. Even the birds are starting to become adbundnite as probaly Im not to depressed to feed them(lol) I love the songs of waterfowl and the birds.
    Rob, it was actually reading about your struggle with your pain and what your doing with it that has got me more active stretching and trying to exercise more as it really is an answer to the pain and mental pain also. SAD sucks doesn't it. I have always had it but got worse moving to Canada. This winter here was greyer than normal also. Cheers, for sunlight and changing seasons