Thursday, January 28, 2010

Themed February

I have been a little bored lately. I can feel the nervous energy coursing through me as the weather hasn't been up to par since Sunday. The weather has been terrible. Raining for two days then snow squalling for two days. I don't know what today will bring but I have to get out of this house. I had a productive day Saturday, when it was gorgeous. Took a ride to another town and had lunch and shopped. It was so pretty and bright. In my boredom this week , I decided that February is full of fun things to celebrate. February has the Superbowl, Fat Tuesday, Valentine Day, and The dogs that I term The Girls birthday. I love doing themed anything as it helps me get the motivation to clean ,organize and decorate for these occasions. I also like making food for these occasions.
I'm still thinking about my menu for these occasions. Fat Tuesday, I already have some red beans in the freezer for that and I will whip up some Dirty Rice for lunch. Superbowl, I don't have a clue what to make. I want it to be fun as I pour over recipes on the Internet trying to find something different. I don't like football much but love the food and celebration of the Superbowl. I have always had fun watching one day of football and having wonderful food. Also, in my boredom it gives me something to plan. Valentines Day is more sketchy as I don't know what theme I'm doing this year. Last year was a Lady & The Tramp theme. Spaghetti for two with it decorated like an Italian Restaurant all with the red and white check table cloth, candles , Chianti and watching the movie. I know it sounds corny but it was nice. When I lived in the states I would take advantage of the awesome Superbowl sales and what ever I got on sale would also make a wonderful Valentines dinner. I would get deals on buy one bag of shrimp and get another free. It made wonderful shrimp cocktail. I also found a ton of meat on sale to grill or do what ever with . They also had tons of junk food on sale. It was like a dream come true for me with everything on sale that I loved. I have no idea if they will have sales for the Superbowl in Canada and certainly not like the states. They did have a Grey Cup(Canadian Football thing like the Superbowl) sale for some appetizers all made up but hardly the type of sale you find in the states. I miss my awesome sales. I also miss having a party shop in town. I used to find such the most interesting things to decorate for the theme. They would have everything. I also loved this chain called Deals. I would find the right dip container and a football chip holder. I still have some of my things for Party's but they are in storage at the moment and will probably stay there till spring. I have found in this hick shit hole town they do have a dollar store and they have themed napkins and some party supplies but not helium in the balloons or the selection at some of the dollar junk stores in the states. I could go on but I'm truly slowly adjusting to this shit hole town that lacks much except how pretty it is. I have had time over the years to adjust to it but never had to live here full time.
Back to being bored. I'm less bored when I'm planning something. My partner thinks I'm nuts celebrating everything. I'm nuts but it does help me get so much accomplished and something to look forward to. It keeps me busy also. I'm also looking forward to my mini-holiday. All booked and plan. I count the days till Sunday. I choose Sunday because they have the cheapest rates on Sunday. I also managed to get a 25 dollar gift certificate booking that room from Chapters. Can't beat it. The trip also makes me tolerate being in the shit hole town I'm in. I have to get away from it about every three months to tolerate it. It is like oh there is civilization out there. It is a bit of fresh air and relief from being in the bush and getting a chance to go back to the hustle and grind of a city.

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