Friday, December 18, 2009

Non-Hoilday Spirit- Call me Grinch

I finally completed all my Christmas shopping yesterday. I only had my partner left to shop for. I have been very good this holiday season with my money for the most part and haven't been as extravagant as some times I can be. I have been trying to not fall prey to the commerical greed this holiday promotes and a empty chequing account. I have asked myself many times does a person even remember what they got for Christmas, unless it is very special. Most people don't give very special gifts. They might think they are special but in reality most people forget about what they receive if it isn't a gift of time,home-made, hideous or sentimental. I have this motto to give all year long and just not on the magic day of Christmas. It really helps out my budget. I also have made limits to what I will give and not be quilted into giving, what I don't have. It is hard to stick by that because this whole season is about buying in society. Materialism is in full tilt after Thanksgiving. You can see signs of gluttony everywhere. Another pet peeve of mine is people that only give to charity during the holiday season. Like there is no poverty any other time of year and the food banks stock themselves the other months of the year. It almost gives the sense people aren't deserving any other time except the magical Christmas season.
I give 11 months out of the year and refuse to give during the Christmas season . I don't feel the need to say what a wonderful human I'm because I spread around the Christmas cheer by giving minimally once a year. Í give 11 months out of the year because that is what I feel I should do as a responsible member of society and community. You don't make society a better place by giving to the disadvantaged once a year.
I admit that I do indulge with food around the holidays. I'm a sucker for all the candy during the holiday season. I also like a nice Christmas dinner. Most of my fond memories of Christmas was never the gifts but the dinner shared by family. This year will be different as I have no family around to have a huge feast. I will be making a feast for two. It still will be nice snacking and eating and being with my loved one. Other than the Christmas feast that I had with my family , I don't miss any aspect of Christmas season. I can't wait till it passes and society gets back to normal. No more crappy tv specials, music, and pressure to shop. Back to dieting after getting fat as a hog. I can feel better mental health coming on with all the pressures and extra stressors going out the door the first of the year. Even though I don't buy into the whole season of greed , I do participate in some of it. I feel a little pressure not to be a what society labels as Scrooge or Gringe. I do my minimal to please other people and pretend I give a shit. I pretend to give a shit with not saying anything generally negative about Christmas. I just smile or avoided any conversation about Christmas. I'm not Christian and really have no use for Christmas. When I'm in the mood I will do the winter decorations but I'm not in the mood this year. I did put up a golfing Santa on the book case. I think that is the extent of the decorations this year. I really don't feel like putting up a tree that you have to take down. Or watching the cat destroy the ornaments.
I will put back my smiling face to the public and be myself behind closed doors and count the days until Christmas is over.

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